Heat Recovery Systems and Boiler Units

Today there is a tendency to develop remote sites of gas industry, sites located in areas with difficult natural and climatic conditions. They require special technical power supply solutions ensuring their operability and durability even in extreme situations.

ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA power installations meet all requirements of such sites:

  • reliable power supply;
  • high degree of automation;
  • easy maintenance and convenience that facilitate operation;
  • minimum assembling during installation;
  • possibility to generate thermal energy.
Cogeneration of thermal and electric energy is the main direction of energy conservation and more efficient usage of primary fuel.

The main advantages of ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA power plants

  • high efficiency factor;
  • efficient fuel consumption;
  • substantial life time of units before write-off and capital repair;
  • a heat recovery system where necessary.
Such cogeneration systems increase standard plant efficiency from 40% to 80–90%. Heat recovery system equipment is a heat exchange complex where heat removed with burnt gases and withdrawn from the engine by a cooling system is converted to thermal energy of circulating water.

The test bench

The launch of a test bench provided an opportunity to test recovery systems under one of the most complex modes — «heat recovery failure». The control system must automatically recognize that mode and take steps to ensure trouble-free power plant operation at rated electric power.

Thermal power plants equipped with boiler houses

ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA also offers complete thermal power plants equipped with boiler houses with 0.5–16MW boilers. Boiler houses with a power of 0.5 to 2MW are supplied as containerized units, 2 to 8MW — as a block-modular configuration, and up to 100MW — as stationary units.