Solutions for Associated Petroleum and Mine Gas

Associated petroleum gas (APG)

APG utilization ensures significant reduction of fuel expenses and optimization of oil extraction process; it is also in line with the federal oil extraction policy of recent years. During 9 years of work, ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC has launched approximately 11 APG-operated objects. Apart from the main equipment, those projects include gas preparation systems designed by ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA itself and heat recovery systems. It is the gas preparation systems that determine the operating efficiency of the facility and the life span of the equipment. Company experts are constantly analyzing the operation of gas-piston power plants on those sites for the purpose of optimizing gas preparation schemes.

ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC offers complex turnkey solutions based on gas-piston and gas-turbine engines for different compositions of APG, including those with high sulphur content. The complex APG preparation systems designed by ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC ensure working capacity and efficient operation of generating equipment even with serious changes in composition and quality of APG inevitable in extraction.

ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA offers complex turnkey solutions based on gas-piston and gas-turbine engines for different compositions of APG, including those with high sulphur content. During 9 years of work, we have launched approximately 11 APG-operated objects.

Mine and coke oven gas

So far ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC has developed technological and technical solutions for application of mine and coke oven gas as fuel for power generation; a pilot project is in the implementation stage. Utilization of mine gas means not only cost-effectiveness and ecological compatibility, but also increased safety in coal mining.

In March, 2010, ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA OJSC was awarded the status of an official dealer of MWM GmbH with exclusive rights to supply mine gas-piston engines to the Russian market, perform maintenance works and supply spare parts. This dealer arrangement is the result of multilevel audits of the company’s engineering service regarding equipment designed for mine gas operation and providing maximum efficiency of power and quality. One of the capacities of MWM GmbH is making gas engines designed for compound fuel operation.

ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA’s high engineering potential enables it to develop solutions for every single site with consideration of its operating features and the customer’s individual requirements.
Completed Projects
ritek.JPG Customer: RITEK JSC  
Electric power: 15MW (7,5 +7,5MW)  
Engines: Cummins  
Engine number: 10  
Fuel: associated gas  
Mode: continuous  
Year of delivery: 2005, 2007  
Location: Sredne-Khulymskoe field
bashneft.jpg Customer: JSOC Bashneft
Electric power: 12MW  
Engines: Cummins  
Engine number: 8  
Fuel: associated gas
Mode: continuous  
Year of delivery: 2007  
Location: Kirsko-Kottynskoe field