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First oil treatment unit manufactured by ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA

First oil treatment unit manufactured by ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA
Oil treatment unit, a new product for ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA, was first developed and manufactured by the specialists thereof. The oil treatment unit is meant for continuous operation of 1 MW block-module dual fuel power plant "Zvezda-1000ВК-06М3" based on  Wärtsilä engine. The power plant is running on crude oil, while its starts and stops, as well as transient modes are realized on diesel fuel. This oil treatment unit is all-purpose and capable of oil treatment for any power plants based on Wärtsilä engines both manufactured by ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA and other producers.

The oil treatment unit is a block-module automated plant meant for efficient heating, cleaning, and separation of crude oil. The main equipment thereof includes: filter module meant for oil filtering and pumping from the settling tank to the day tank, and oil treatment module, responsible for heating, density monitoring, deaeration, and oil supply immediately to the diesel engines. Additional equipment includes the module’s auxiliaries power supply system and control system.

The problem of power supply to power facilities located in distant regions of Russia is still urgent. Use of diesel fuel taken to long distances often off the road or by helicopters is very expensive for consumers. Therefore, use of crude oil and highly viscous petroleum pitch  as fuel of the generation equipment allows a considerable reduction in the electric and heat energy generation related expenses.  This project was implemented for the power supply needs of the Administration of Yeniseysky district of Krasnoyark territory within the framework of arrangements in power supply modernization in Yartsevo settlement of Krasnoyarsk territory and move thereof to crude oil, being efficient fuel.