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Power plants manufactured by ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA will supply heat and power to an infrastructure facility exposed to extreme temperatures

Power plants manufactured by ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA will supply heat and power to an infrastructure facility exposed to extreme temperatures
ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA, OJSC has designed, manufactured and supplied an automated diesel co-generation plant with an installed electric power of 2.5 MW, as well as additional equipment in order to provide an infrastructure facility under construction in Krasnoyarsk territory with heal and electric power.

A co-generation power plant is the main source of electric and heat power supply of the facilities under construction: a dormitory with the integrated administrative and utility spaces, fuel-oil depot, service centers, water treatment station, external lighting, etc. The facility is located in Taymyr Dolgano-Nenets region of Krasnoyarsky territory. This power plant will be operated being exposed to extreme winter conditions at a temperature of minus  40-44°С for up to nine months, which was considered by ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA specialists in the development of complex technical equipment.  

The co-generation power plant includes five containerized DPP «Zvezda-500НК-45М3»  modules with the heat recovery systems, unit power of 500 kW and voltage of 0.4 kV. The equipment was manufactured based on domestic diesel generator 6ДМ-21Л manufactured by “Ural Diesel-Motor Plant” Ltd.. This power plant is running in a special mode provided by two DPP, operating in the standard mode, two DPP - in the hot redundant mode, and two DPP - in the cold redundant mode.   In case of a voltage loss across two active lead-ins of 10.5 kV switchgear of the power plant, provision is made for 100 and 315 kW containerized  redundant DPP for critical consumers power supply.   The power plant scope of supply provides for 1.6 MW block-module peak diesel water heating boiler house (using two 870 kW water heating boilers Entroros TT50) and a heat supply station.     

In developing DPP «Zvezda-500НК-45М3» module design documentation, the Company’s technical specialists have realized an original configuration of the container ventilation system,  heating of the engine oil crankcase was first introduced, freshly designed fuel and oil tanks were used, power cabinet and auxiliaries control panel, considering specific character of diesel-generator 6ДМ-21Л  control system and availability of the engine heat recovery system were developed.   The power plant main and auxiliary equipment was manufactured with maximum use of domestic components according to the special requirements placed to reliability and continuous operation period. 

The auxiliary equipment includes: 10.5 KV-HV switchgear module, 0.4 kV-LV switchgear module, 630 kVA - 2КТПК(М) module (lead-in distributor), peak water heating boiler house module with a heat power of 1.6 MW, heat supply station module,  operator room module with a recreation space, oil storage module with a storage area for barreled antifreeze agent, workshop and spare parts stock area module, connecting passages, packaged transformer substation  2КТПК(М)-400 kVA, emergency and redundant DPP with a unit capacity of 100 kW, redundant DPP with a unit capacity of 315 kW, four containerized fuel storage areas with 3000 l and 10000 l storage tanks, intermodular communications and spare parts.  Specialists of the Automated Control Systems Department have supplied the own-produced process control system to the facility. Process automation of complex power equipment  used by the infrastructure industry is an important criterion of stable power and heat supply provision. Automation almost completely excludes a human factor, thus ensuring reliability, fault-free standard mode operation of expensive equipment, being a power supply source of the whole settlement, it also extends life of the equipment and facilitates operation thereof.  

Under the contract, ZVEZDA-ENERGETIKA specialists will also carry out site supervision, start-up and adjustment operations on all the supplied equipment. The power plant is planned for commissioning in November this year.